Take Pieter Bruegel the Elder, one of the world’s most important but also mysterious and above all fascinating Renaissance artists, and add the word ‘beyond’. What you’ll get is Beyond Bruegel: an immersive art experience about Bruegel that goes further than what you’ve ever seen before in art…
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Travelling exhibition

Beyond Bruegel is a travelling exhibition. Contact us for inquiries.

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Innovative art experience

Beyond Bruegel is an innovative art experience that immerses you - literally - in the life and work of the Flemish Master Pieter Bruegel the Elder. His artworks are enlarged to become immersive projections in which you discover elements that you might never have noticed before. As you wander through various rooms where the paintings seem to come to life, you explore the style and complete oeuvre of the master. The highlight of the experience is a 360° projection that plunges you into Bruegel’s extraordinary world. It’s a low-threshold exhibition that will fascinate both art-lovers and amateurs, adults and children.

Behind the scenes:

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