IMX Moscow

IMX by ACT lighting design is a 14 meters high and 19,3 meters wide multimedia sculpture that serves as a unique signature of Zeleno Park and an immersive installation in one of the shopping malls in Russia. developed various games and interactive solutions for this immersive experience.

As an evolving part of the environment, IMX includes cutting edge elements as visual scenography, video mapping, lighting, sound and interactivity. An original multimedia show is played on the structure and its surroundings every hour. Various interactive games and digital commercial content are proposed to the customers in between the shows. By merging the virtual with the physical, IMX stimulates the connection between the users and the commercial space by integrating storytelling, interactivity, original shows and branding in a playful way that awakes all senses. IMX aims to impress but also to engage intimately with the users by offering a memorable experience from the inside and the outside of the multimedia installation.

In collaboration with ACT Lighting Design, Drop the spoon

CREATE Studio: game development

CREATE Systems: game integration