KBR Museum

Belgium has been hiding a treasure for 600 years! The KBR museum reveals the medieval art of the manuscripts from the Library of the Dukes of Burgundy.

We developed several interactives and animated projections to guide the visitor through the authentic images, stories and characters of this fantastic collection. It is a unique experience that offers the visitor the opportunity to share in Europe’s medieval cultural past.


Projection Mapping

In the 16th century Chapel of Nassau the museum visit starts with a projected animation of colourful detailed miniatures.


Adjustable content

The fragile artefacts can’t be displayed for a long time. Therefore the KBR will change the exhibition several times a year. Along with these new exhibits, the information on the build-in touchscreens accompanying each manuscript is easily updated by the museum staff using the smart Content Management System.

Additionally, the RFID system enables every visitor to experience a personalized visit. 


In collaboration with Bailleul Design Agency & Bruns

CREATE Studio: content development & animation design

CREATE Systems: hardware integration & support