Antwerp Tomorrow - MAS Pavilion

How will Antwerp develop in the future and how did it look in the past? The new City pavilion at the MAS Museum takes you on an interactive discovery through this amazing city. A 5 by 2m Multi-Touch wall in combination with projection mapping is the highlight of this visitor centre.

Historical information

The software application allows users to browse through historic maps of Antwerp thanks to a magnifying glass interface. Select a date and discover ancient maps. Detailed animations are highlighted in the synchronized projection.

Multi-touch wall

Real-time data

The application uses real-time data from various City API’s. All information is multi-language and CMS controlled. The front-end application runs in Unity3D at 90 FPS. The multi-touch wall allows up to 10 visitors simultaneously. 

In collaboration with MAS Pavilion Antwerp

CREATE Studio: Application development

CREATE Systems: Audio-visual hardware integration and maintenance