Meet the Masters

‘Meet the Masters’ is an immersive digital expo about the three grand Flemish Masters: Jan Van Eyck, Pieter Bruegel the Elder and Pieter Paul Rubens.
Their contribution to the art of painting is honoured worldwide. Therefore Tourism Flanders was in search of a low threshold touring exhibition to reach an audience of all ages and of wide interest.

This immersive experience enables visitors to discover the work and life of these famous painters from an innovative perspective: 360° projections and animated figures make the paintings come to life. Although the three masters lived in three different centuries, their inspiring moments of life and genius thoughts are combined in one enjoyable projection & audio experience.

Impressive detailled projections

The use of the high-resolution imagery and high-quality projections makes it possible to zoom in on significant details. Animations and special effects guide the eye of the visitor through the enlarged paintings and emphasize the characteristics of each masters’ style.

One storyline

The three masters welcome the visitor each in the ateliers of their time. Here, their artworks come to life as they are telling live stories to the guests. In the end, they meet each other in the castle of Rubens where they admire each other’s work and explain how one got -even a century later- inspired by the other. It enables the visitor to gain an understanding of the masters’ great talents and the evolutions of the age they lived in.

Co-creation expertgroup

The artistic team of storytellers, researchers and visual artists collaborated intensively with art historians and a scriptwriter. This resulted in an expertly compiled historical background for the animated projections, audioguide and soundscapes.

Traveling exhibition

Meet the Masters is a traveling exhibition. Contact us for inquiries.

Concept and production


Visit Flanders, Duvel Moortgat, Congé nv, Regie der Gebouwen