North Sea Port Experience centre

The former guild house of the free boatsmen in the historical city centre of Ghent (Belgium) has been renovated to represent the port company North Sea Port. was approached to make the new set-up interactive. The mission was to make visitors experience the port life as it is without being in situ.

Touch applications, Augmented Reality and projections are the technology that fulfil this expectation and let the visitor follow every harbour activity from a new perspective.

Following the success in Ghent, a similar experience centre opened in Terneuzen as well.

Augmented Reality

Four AR kiosks make this scale model of the port area come to life. Visitors can measure the depth of the canal, see wind turbines power a major part of the province, or indicate on which of the port activities they wish to receive more information.

In collaboration with Madoc, for North Sea Port

CREATE Studio: software development

CREATE Systems: hardware integration & support