we have a story to tell

At CREATE.eu, we are a dynamic bunch of technical and creative experts who share a common passion for innovation and problem-solving. With backgrounds ranging from design & engineering to content production & installation, we collaborate seamlessly to bring ideas to life. Together, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge creative technology solutions.

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As a creative technology partner we love to team up with event & design agencies and share our know-how. Over the years we developed an efficient workflow that seamlessly blends content production with hardware integration. Our team of experienced project managers is used to work on complex projects with various stakeholders all over the world.


The Studio is our creative playground.

Since 2006 we have been creating all kinds of multimedia content. First in Flash, now in Unity3D, Unreal engine and 2D/3D animation packages. Over the years we developed a unique workflow and pipeline. From concept over storyboard to final production and testing, our team of digital artists and software developers is ready for action. 

In-house we developed our own "CREATIVE CORE" CMS system for customized visitor experiences. A 24 projector immersive lab is used for live previews and prototyping of immersive content. 

Immersive content

2D/3D animation for the big screens, our animators bring the latest in VFX to our projects.

Software applications

Custom software applications and interactive tools, both front-end and back-end development for storytelling.


Real-time software development in Unity3D or Unreal Engine for virtual and augmented reality projects.


Our Systems team is all about the hardware. They design, build and maintain permanent multimedia installations.

A team of highly skilled AV engineers & technicians delivers the best hardware solutions for any project. Wheter it's a large multi-touch wall, dark ride, immersive projection room or CMS driven experience. 

Our expertise in specific creative technologies transcends the normal AV integrator. A mix of audio, video, IT, light, showcontrol and interactive solutions focused on bringing the best visitor experience.

A team of after-sales experts provides maintenance and support around the globe.

AV system design

AV production drawings, cabling plans, system design, projection calculations, sound & light studies and schematics.

On-site installation

Highly skilled AV technicians to install creative technology projects around the globe.


A dedicated after-sales team for maintenance, monitoring and technical support.


Our Live team is all event productions.

A team of passionate technologists thrives on pushing the boundaries of what's possible, blending cutting-edge technology with artistic flair to deliver events that are nothing short of extraordinary. Whether you're planning a corporate conference, a product launch or a grand opening, we have the expertise to create that goosebumps moment.

Our services range from pre-production and stage design to on-site production. Based in Belgium but active around the world we help event agencies with creative technology solutions o bring their concepts to life.

Creative AV concepts

We produce a unique AV concepts for events that blend technology with creativity. 

On-site production team

A team of highly skilled AV technicians and project managers for event productions around the globe. 

Visual eye-candy

We take your content to the next level with custom made visuals, presentations and animations. 

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Since 2006 we have established a solid client base all over the world.

We focus on building strong longterm relations. Relations that are built on trust, expertise and a pleasant journey to a stunning end-result. 

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our history & future

We started our mission in 2006, when we first founded CREATE.eu with a small, highly specialised team mainly focused on AV productions for events. Most of our team members had backgrounds Adobe Flash development so we started experimenting with interactive applications and our stock of AV hardware from the events.

Based out of a former brewery in a small village, we spent our first few years designing creative digital experiences for small museums and art festivals. Our continued growth allowed us to attract a wide range of experts and we started investing in the latest hardware to explore - and move - the boundaries of visual storytelling.

In 2012, we expanded CREATE.eu further, with a brand new office and warehouse space near the historic city of Ghent, where we did some of our most recognisable work. To keep our focus three seperate business units were formed: Studio (creative content), Systems (AV integration) and Live (events). In the meantime, we’ve grown to become a known player in integrated visual storytelling that works around the globe. 

Currently we are expanding our growth vision and have the ambition to become a leader in creative technology both in Europe and the Middle east. 

our playground

At CREATE.eu we offer state of the art facilities for multimedia productions.
Our office in Ghent features a large warehouse with our own stock of AV hardware for event productions and a 24 projector immersive space for prototyping immersive content.