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At we tell stories using cutting-edge creative technology. As we strive to be a leader in this dynamic landscape, we offer content, AV hardware and creative production services. Based in Belgium but active around the world we help museums, events, theme parks and corporates blend creativity with technology.


Interactive exhibits

We design, produce and install the most complex interactive installations for museums, science and visitors centres.



Multi-sensory projects to amaze the visitor and create that special goosebumps moment.


Live Events

A dedicated  team for next-level audiovisual event productions and stage designs.


Corporate storytelling

Tailor-made software, animation and multimedia tools for corporate storytelling.

— Interactive

We work with museums around the globe to implement the latest in creative technology. Often we work in partnership with scenography and design agencies where we take on the media creation and AV hardware

In-house we blend media production (software, 2D/3D animation) with a AV hardware integration, installation and after-sales. This unique workflow allows us to deliver robust media installations that transcend traditional exhibits.

Our own "CREATIVE CORE" content management system is the beating heart of interactive exhibitions worldwide.


— Entertainment

The use of creative technology has revolutionized the world of entertainment, redefining how we consume and experience our favorite content using sound, light and interactive technologies.

At we offer a broad range of creative technology services for theme parks and FEC's. Our entertainment team is dedicated to bring the latest creative technology to dark rides, pre-shows or immersive experiences.

Over the years we have created various light installations for Light Festivals and winter wonder experiences. Some of these concepts have evolved into traveling installations and are now available to light festivals around the world.


— Live

Step into a world where imagination takes center stage and creative technology takes over. CREATE Live is our department for event productions dedicated to crafting unforgettable experiences for every audience.  

Our creative production services range from pre-production to on-site support. In-house we manage a large stock of premium audiovisual equipment to offer the best quality event solutions. 


— Corporate

Gone are the days of PowerPoint presentations. We bring your story to life using the latest creative technologies. We take your brand's story and transforms it into a compelling visual experience.

Whether you need a full blown digital visitor centre, or a new 3D product configurator. Our studio creates custom multimedia tools to bring your narrative in a unique way.

From immersive VR training experiences to tailer-made sales apps or interactive installations that allow real-time exploration of your products, we ensure your message is not only heard but felt.


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