Immersive and audiovisual projects

Redefining experiences

The use of creative technology has revolutionized the world of entertainment, redefining how we consume and experience our favorite content using sound, light and interactive technologies. At CREATE.eu we offer a broad range of creative technology services for theme parks and FEC's. Our entertainment team is dedicated to bring the latest creative technology to dark rides, pre-shows or immersive experiences. Over the years we have created various light installations for Light Festivals and winter wonder experiences. Some of these concepts have evolved into traveling installations and are now available to light festivals around the world.

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In the fast-paced world of entertainment, staying ahead means embracing innovation. Creative technology isn't just a trend; it's the cornerstone of captivating experiences that keep audiences coming back for more. At CREATE.eu, we recognize the invaluable role of creative technology in transforming the entertainment landscape. By seamlessly integrating sound, light, and interactive elements, we elevate ordinary experiences into unforgettable moments. From immersive theme park attractions to mesmerizing light installations at festivals, our expertise adds unparalleled value to the entertainment business. Trust us to unlock the full potential of your entertainment offerings and leave a lasting impression on your audience.


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CREATE.eu is a multimedia studio from Ghent Belgium. Since 2006 we design & build interactive & immersive experiences for museums, visitor centers, theme parks, events and more. As a “one stop shop” for creative technology our team of dedicated technical and creative professionals handles projects from concept to final installation. In-house our studio creates multimedia content such as 2/3D animations, interactive applications & games while our systems team takes care of AV hardware integration & installation. This combination leads to unique projects that seamlessly blend creativity & technology. Have a look at some of our references & get inspired by our work.

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Light festival Ghent - Oceans of light

Light festival Ghent - The guardians of Earth

Light festival Ghent - Go for launch

Seven senses tour - A multimedia boat experience

Tekzone Jeddah

Aurora Bruges - A winter light experience

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Pro AV hardware integration

→ Back-end integration
→ Interactive installations
→ Unity3D - Unreal engine
→ Application development
→ UserInterface / user experience

→ Engineering
→ Testing & pre build
→ Installation
→ Systemdesign & integration
→ Support& after sales

Content creation

AV Event productions

→ 3D productions
→ Animations
→ Motion Graphics
→ VR/ AR / MR
→ Concept- storyboard

→ Show production
→ Full technical support
→ Stage & set design
→ Production management

Creative development