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We work with museums around the globe to implement the latest in creative technology. Often we work in partnership with scenography and design agencies where we take on the media creation and AV hardware. In-house we blend media production (software, 2D/3D animation) with a AV hardware integration, installation and after-sales. This unique workflow allows us to deliver robust media installations that transcend traditional exhibits. Our own "CREATIVE CORE" content management system is the beating heart of interactive exhibitions worldwide.

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Interactive exhibits engage visitors actively, providing immersive, personalized experiences with immediate feedback. They accommodate diverse audiences through accessibility and inclusivity, drawing interest with innovative design and technology. Unlike traditional exhibitions, interactive displays encourage active engagement with objects, leveraging digital technologies for experiential knowledge transfer. Employing a multi-sensory approach enhances retention and understanding, creating memorable experiences that deepen appreciation for the subject matter.


— us is a multimedia studio from Ghent Belgium. Since 2006 we design & build interactive & immersive experiences for museums, visitor centers, theme parks, events and more. As a “one stop shop” for creative technology our team of dedicated technical and creative professionals handles projects from concept to final installation. In-house our studio creates multimedia content such as 2/3D animations, interactive applications & games while our systems team takes care of AV hardware integration & installation. This combination leads to unique projects that seamlessly blend creativity & technology. Have a look at some of our references & get inspired by our work.

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Immersive lift for the interactive exhibit Tabloo by
An interactive infographic for the interactive exhibit Tabloo by
Interactive exhibit Tabloo by

Meet the masters

An immersive room for the interactive exhibit Meet the masters by
An immersive room for the interactive exhibit Meet the masters by
renders for the interactive exhibit Meet the masters by

KMSK Antwerp

An immersive room for the interactive exhibit in KMSK Antwerp by
Interactive screens with custom software for the interactive exhibit in KMSK Antwerp by

Kortrijk 1302 - The battle of The Golden Spurs

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Pro AV hardware integration

→ Back-end integration
→ Interactive installations
→ Unity3D - Unreal engine
→ Application development
→ UserInterface / user experience

→ Engineering
→ Testing & pre build
→ Installation
→ Systemdesign & integration
→ Support& after sales

Content creation

AV Event productions

→ 3D productions
→ Animations
→ Motion Graphics
→ VR/ AR / MR
→ Concept- storyboard

→ Show production
→ Full technical support
→ Stage & set design
→ Production management

Creative development