Meet The Masters

An immersive digital expo about three grand Flemish Masters

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Experience the Flemish Masters

‘Meet the Masters’ is an immersive digital expo about the three grand Flemish Masters: Jan Van Eyck, Pieter Bruegel the Elder and Pieter Paul Rubens.

Their contribution to the art of painting is honored worldwide. Therefore Tourism Flanders was in search of a low threshold touring exhibition to reach an audience of all ages and of wide interest.

This immersive experience enables visitors to discover the work and life of these famous painters from an innovative perspective: 360° projections and animated figures make the paintings come to life. Although the three masters lived in three different centuries, their inspiring moments of life and genius thoughts are combined in one enjoyable projection & audio experience.


Meet The Masters


Interactive exhibits


Brussels, Belgium

Client, Toerisme Vlaanderen

Our scope

Creative content creation
Audiovisual engineering
Audiovisual installation
After-sales & support
Immersive production
Immersive projection
Onsite production
Hardware installation
3D animation
Application development

Images by

Daphne Matthys

An immersive cultural attaction took on the entire construction of this experience and transformed the Brussels Dynastiepaleis into a new cultural attraction in the heart of Brussels. In addition to the four central zones with immersive video mapping, also provided the atmospheric decoration of the staircases.

The entire experience is fully automated to ensure the smoothest possible visitor flow, which has been a significant asset. Thanks to user-friendly show control, reception staff can start the experience daily.

The projections (up to 5m high) of the artworks used are of the highest quality. Museums worldwide collaborated to provide high-resolution images. Intensive video mapping tests were conducted on the constructed facilities based on the storyboard and developed animations. The auto-synchronization of the audio guide was also refined during this process.

Artistic approach

Our very own Artistic director delved into the works of Van Eyck, Bruegel, and Rubens and developed a storyboard around them.

Storyboards from a couple of the scenes for the immersive video mapping zones


3D visuals of the different scenes were generated to offer previews of the immersive exerience

The final result

For storytelling, an audio guide is used (available in Dutch, French, and English). You hear schoolmaster Arthur conversing with the three artists.