Barco visitor centre

An immersive visitor centre for Belgium's leading technology company.

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A high-tech visitor centre

Nestled at the heart of Barco's global headquarters the entertainment POD takes you on an immersive journey through the history and product line-up of Belgium's leading technology company.

Barco teamed up with for the creation and installation of this new immersive experience. Our creative team custom produced various immersive experiences.

After brainstorming with Barco on the storyline we created two new digital characters — Dave and Diane (AI) that talk about the entertainment markets, portfolio and references. The virtual guides bring the Barco story in a way the company knows best: through immersive visuals.

Aside from content creation our AV teams took care of the integration and installation of Barco projectors and show control solutions. The immersive experience uses various projectors from the Barco line-up such as the UDM4K, G62 and F8K9 with ultra short lenses.


Barco visitor centre


Corporate storytelling


Kortrijk, Belgium


Barco NV

Our scope

Audiovisual engineering
Immersive production
Hardware installation
3D animation
After-sales & support
Audiovisual installation

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