Brussels Airport

A dynamic kinetic installation

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A 70 meters long kinetic installation

The purpose of this installation is to immerse the traveling public at Brussels Airport during their transit into a world of visuals, sounds, and lighting, accompanied by visual representations of various tourist highlights along the perspective of this space. It offers an experience that welcomes travelers at the entrance to our country.

Act Lighting Design entrusted us with the challenging technical execution for this project.

This 70-meter-long animated installation captivates viewers with a loop of engaging content. Akinetic fabric was stretched over more than 30,000 individually addressable lowand medium-resolution LEDs and panoramic video panels in the ceiling, creating a dynamic visual experience. Because each pixel can be individually controlled, it enables intricate patterns and mesmerizing effects, making it a standout feature of the multimedia system.

What truly sets this installation apart is its ability to captivate viewers from a distance of up to 200 meters. Passengers and passersby are drawn to the spectacle as they journey towards their designated baggage areas, having just exited their flights. The timing of the video loop is meticulously optimized, catering to both eager travelers and those moving at a brisk 'business pace' down the travelator.


Brussels Airport




Brussels, Belgium


Flanders Tourism

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Hardware installation
Audiovisual installation

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Running some tests in our demoroom

The final result