Denys Timetube

The Denys timetube is an immersive installation where visitors can experience the city of the future and Dreamcutter technology.

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Denys, celebrating 100 years of excellence

In the dynamic landscape of Belgium's construction industry, Denys stands out as one of Belgium's leading construction company and celebrated a century of excellence and innovation in the summer of 2023. To celebrate this unique milestone, Bevas Events asked us to create an immersive experience about their future vision.

The increasing population in cities all over the world is putting pressure on the urban landscape. Globally, urbanised regions face the important task of accommodating population growth while at the same time requiring more open space to improve living conditions in inner cities. If cities want to remain cultural, social, and economic centers, they will have to make use of the underground space. There is only one major problem: much of the available space is already taken up by above-ground structures, and the nuisance created by traditional construction methods becomes increasingly difficult to justify. To provide an answer, Denys developed the Dreamcutter/Cube system, a machine that will change inner-city building forever.

We created The Timetube, a groundbreaking 360 immersive environment to transport participants into a futuristic world. As participants immerse themselves in this experiential journey, they gain insights into how the Dreamcutter system will transform the way cities are built. The Timetube not only celebrates Denys' centennial milestone but also serves as a testament to the company's commitment to pioneering advancements that will shape the future of urban development. Through this immersive experience, Denys showcases not just its storied past but its unwavering dedication to driving innovation and sustainability in the construction industry for the next century and beyond.


Denys Timetube


Corporate storytelling


Ghent, Belgium


Bevas Events

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Immersive production
3D animation
Audiovisual installation
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Enter our Timetube

Welcome to our Timetube, a captivating journey that delves into the future of urban development, showcasing innovative solutions across a spectrum of crucial topics. In this immersive experience, we navigate through a visionary landscape that addresses the challenges and opportunities presented by the evolving urban environment.Our first stop is "Repurposing Heritage", where the narrative unfolds with a commitment to preserving and revitalizing architectural treasures of the past. Witness how historical structures are ingeniously adapted for contemporary use, breathing new life into the very essence of our cultural and architectural legacy.

As we descend into the realm of "Subterranean Transportation", the Timetube explores the exciting possibilities lying beneath our city streets. Experience the transformative potential of efficient and sustainable underground transit systems, redefining the way we navigate and connect within urban spaces.

"Subterranean Infrastructure Repurposing" takes center stage as we unveil how the underground world can be repurposed for diverse needs. From smart utilization of underground spaces to creative solutions for infrastructure challenges, this segment showcases the ingenuity required to make the most of subterranean environments.

The journey continues with "Subterranean Construction", introducing revolutionary methods and technologies that redefine the possibilities of building below ground. Explore how groundbreaking techniques, like Denys' Dreamcutter/Cube system, are shaping the future of inner-city construction, overcoming limitations posed by traditional methods.

The Timetube then turns its attention to "Heritage Renovation", illustrating the delicate balance between preserving the past and embracing the future. Discover how heritage structures are meticulously renovated, marrying historical charm with contemporary functionality to ensure their longevity.

Ascending to the surface, we explore "Above-Ground Infrastructure Repurposing". This segment showcases the transformation of existing above-ground structures to meet the evolving needs of our communities. From repurposed buildings to adaptive reuse, witness the sustainable evolution of urban spaces.

Finally, our journey concludes with a focus on "Energy", where the Timetube explores innovative solutions for sustainable power generation and consumption. Witness the integration of cutting-edge technologies that redefine our relationship with energy in the pursuit of a greener and more sustainable future.

Through this Timetube experience, we invite you to envision a future where heritage is preserved, infrastructure is optimized, and energy is harnessed sustainably, all contributing to the harmonious evolution of our urban landscapes.

From sketch to immersive reality

Starting with humble pencil sketches, we started a meticulous process of refining our ideas and concepts. Each stroke and line laid the foundation for the next step in the process.Transitioning from sketches to rendered images, we began to breathe life into our vision.

Through digital rendering our 3D-artists transformed abstract concepts into tangible representations, allowing us to visualize the Timetube in all its glory.Every step of the way, we were driven by a singular goal: create an unforgettable journey that would transport visitors into Denys' future world

The end result