Denys Timetube

The Denys timetube is an immersive installation where visitors can experience the city of the future and Dreamcutter technology.

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Denys, celebrating 100 years of excellence

Denys one of Belgium's leading construction companies turned 100 this summer. To celebrate this unique milestone, Bevas Events asked us to create an immersive experience about their future vision. Enter the Timetube a 360 immersive environment that transports you to a future world.

The increasing population in cities all over the world is putting pressure on the urban landscape. Globally, urbanised regions face the important task of accommodating population growth while at the same time requiring more open space to improve living conditions in inner cities. If cities want to remain cultural, social, and economic centers, they will have to make use of the underground space. There is only one major problem: much of the available space is already taken up by above-ground structures, and the nuisance created by traditional construction methods becomes increasingly difficult to justify. To provide an answer, Denys developed the Dreamcutter/Cube system, a machine that will change inner-city building forever.

The Timetube transports visitors to the city of the future and the role their Dreamcutter technology will play in creating underground spaces.


Denys Timetube


Live Events


Ghent, Belgium


Bevas Events

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Immersive production
3D animation
Audiovisual installation
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