KBR Museum

A museum with the manuscripts from the library of the Dukes of Burgundy.

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Over 600 years old

Belgium has been hiding a treasure for 600 years! The KBR museum reveals the medieval art of the manuscripts from the Library of the Dukes of Burgundy.

CREATE.eu developed several interactives and animated projections to guide the visitor through the authentic images, stories and characters of this fantastic collection. It is a unique experience that offers the visitor the opportunity to share in Europe’s medieval cultural past.

This exhibit can be viewed at 3 speeds. Does a visitor want to explore the collection in depth? Easily find their way to the highlights? Have a great time with the kids? At the beginning of the exhibition, visitors receive a bracelet according to their chosen profile: 'seeker of added value (in-depth information), discoverer (concise information), playful spirit (tailored to children). Depending on your choosing, stories are tailored via touchscreens and listening horns.


KBR Museum


Interactive exhibits


Brussels, Belgium



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A journey through centuries

Visitors are welcomed in a historical location called the Nassau Chapel, it's the only remaining vestige of the Burgundian court in Brussels. There you will witness an immersive projection in which the Burgundian dukes introduce themselves. Then, the path leads to a 20th-century space in the KBR, an open room where the atmosphere is completely different. Black and gold dominate the interior. Welcome to the treasure trove of the dukes! Four 'cocoons' immerse visitors in the stories. From the outside, they appear modest, nothing distracts attention from the shining books inside. Inside, magical interactions await. With each interaction, a different insight is provided into the medieval manuscripts.

Small scenes, amazing details: the manuscripts show their beauty to careful readers. Digital applications allow visitors to virtually leaf through the precious manuscripts and examine the details up close. There are tablets next to each display case, but also large screens where visitors can browse through the ducal library. When museum staff change the contents of the display case, they also update the tablet: this can be done easily via a CMS system.