Experience the Port of the Future

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Antwerp's port of the future

Portopolis is the Port of Antwerp’s visitor centre, located at the base of the MAS museum. Their mission — and subsequently ours: showcasing the port’s finest features to the broader public, solidifying its image as a hub for technological innovation and attracting interesting employee profiles. Furthermore, Portopolis wants to offer its visitors a comprehensive view of the port’s enormous 13000+ acre surface area, right from its location on the edge of it.

The floor features a large print of the port of Antwerp which is the base for our augmented reality application that uses realtime data.

Scenography: Wondering Ontwerpbureau
Technology hardware &software: CREATE.eu
Fit-out: Bruns




Corporate storytelling


Antwerp, Belgium


Port of Antwerp

Our scope

Hardware installation
Software development
3D animation
After-sales & support

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The set-up

Outside, six screens display the Port of Antwerp skyline, triggered by motion sensors to provide announcements and information about the center.

Inside, each visitor receives a tablet equipped with AR capabilities, serving as a personal digital guide. This tablet allows for interaction with various elements such as quizzes, animations, videos, infographics, and map enlargements.

Several setups throughout the center integrate printed materials with AR content, offering unique experiences such as exploring hotspots or visualizing the journey of products through the harbor.

Interactive features include scanning photos for information on wildlife, cycling, and walking routes within the harbor, as well as engaging with portraits of different profiles to stimulate conversations.

Job-related information is accessible through the digital guide, enabling visitors to explore career opportunities at the Port of Antwerp.

A user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) allows the Port of Antwerp to continually update and adapt the center's content. This flexibility enables the provision of innovative and engaging experiences over time, including announcements, job profiles, and productupdates.