The Guardians of Earth

Observing and safeguarding our planet since 2014

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Observing and safeguarding our planet since 2014

Some excellent laserwork synchronizing beautifully with some first-class videomapping at Licht Festival Gent 2024.

In collaboration with the European Space Agency - ESA, we present a captivating light installation that transcends the boundaries of space exploration, inviting viewers not to look outwards into the cosmos but inwards, towards our own precious Earth.

At the front of this installation, you'll find a holographic projection featuring ESA’s satellites, who are diligently observing and safeguarding our planet since 2014. The laserwork takes center stage, emanating from the core of the holograph with unparalleled precision. A visual and auditory symphony is achieved through seamlessly synchronizing this powerful laser with state-of-the-art videomapping and custom-made soundscapes by Audiotheque. As the laser appears to be sketching images, various satellite snapshots come to life, each telling a unique story dynamically evolving over time

The Guardians of Earth — our artistic interpretation of Europe’s Copernicus Space programme.


The Guardians of Earth




Ghent, Belgium


ESA (European Space Agency)

Our scope

3D animation
Audiovisual engineering
Audiovisual installation
Creative content creation
Projection mapping

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